Friday, March 30, 2012

Money where my mouth is

As a small American manufacturer, when possible I like to support others who do that very un-American practice of still actually making shit themselves.

If I were a better photographer, you'd see stamped on that water bottle cage King Cage Made in USA.
Being, lets say "thrifty", I couldn't justify buying new cages when I had perfectly functional ones, but when I began to wear through the tubing of my old ones, and started hearing "bottle rattle", I knew it was time.   $17 for stainless steel seemed like a pretty reasonable price too.

I'm not going to get all jingoistic here; in the modern global economic environment we live in buying domestic sometimes just isn't feasible.  Hell, in a lot of cases it's not even possible (can you buy a computer made in the USA to read this wonderful blog on?).  I've had wonderful bicycles made both domestically and overseas.  I've also had not so wonderful domestic and imported bicycles.  I've broken bikes from all global sources.

But when you can buy a top quality domestically sourced item it does feel good...

and if I win that Mega-Millions this would sure feel good too!

(actually Geekhouse's price is pretty reasonable)


eastwood said...

ooohhh I was just drooling over the Wormtown the other day! Very nice and local, can't beat it!

fabian said...

Support your local manufacturer.