Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A friend of mine shared this picture on Facebook:

Although I never step foot in the gym, using the physicality of my job as an excuse, I can only hope I outlive her nicotine stained, Kalhua soaked ass.

Shortly after another friend shared this one:

Well, I guess if you're afraid of getting hit by a car, or are extremely sensitive to temperature an exercise or spin bike might work out better, or maybe you just dig gym culture, but give me outside.

Give me the road
the wind
the cold
 the rain
the sun
the humidity
Give me the woods
the dirt,
the rocks
the roots
the bugs
the snow
the ice

It has to be pretty awful for me to ride indoors.

Remind me to thank my Mom for forcing me to go outside instead of enjoying the warm glow of the RCA.

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Jez Andrews said...

Gyms just plain suck. It's a sad thing that when you say 'exercise' to people they think 'gym'. No wonder many people don't bother.