Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Was, Not, Was

I laid my clothes out and charged my lights in anticipation of my morning commute last night.
But as I lay in bed I started rationalizing.
Was one day off enough recovery?
My legs were still a little sore, maybe I should take another?
It was going to be a short day at work with a dentist appointment, and kid patrol, maybe I should maximize it by driving in and saving an hour round trip?
It's probably cold outside.

Maybe I should just stay under the covers?

But the fat man on TV was telling me it was barely even freezing outside.
Taking Sir Paul's advice it seemed only prudent to stop making excuses and get my ass on the bike.

The fat man wasn't lying either, didn't even need shoe covers.

As an added bonus, traffic is a little better if you leave 20 minutes late for work.
(that's a universal truth)


Alex said...

I do a multi-modal commute most days, driving some of it, and riding my folding bike for the rest of it. There are definitely days where I am so tempted to be lazy and just stay in the car instead of riding the last 5 miles or so. But I always regret it when I do. Riding puts me in a much better mood than just sitting behind the wheel all the way to work. (plus I have to find a parking spot)

eastwood said...

Perfect timing for this post... needed that extra motivation to get on the trainer today!