Monday, February 13, 2012


I love riding my bike.
Some even feel (Mrs. CB2) I'm obsessed.
But thank God it's Monday!

Because Monday is a recovery day.

Wednesday I went back to a normal gear
Thursday hill repeats
Friday the Sauser Method (harder than I planned, oops)
Saturday was a rather tame Kitchen Sink loop
and as a grand finale Case w/ Neal  Sunday featuring the Evil Backyard Wall.
(the 3 hours I rode wasn't enough for Neal, he started early then kept on going)

Today my workout will consist of coffee, a cookie, and a magazine.

I used to hate taking a day off (see above).
I got over it.


Brendan said...

So that's where you were going on Friday when we crossed paths.

There's a much more interesting way to get into Winding Trails.

the original big ring said...

Sauser method? Hill repeats? Pfft, where's the fun in that?

I ate a half a pound of bacon yesterday and went and rode my fat bike.

Drink the kool-aid (or bacon fat) . . .you know want to.

CB2 said...

@ Brendan
I go in by 167 near Dunning, you've got a better spot?

We haven't had Winter this year.
The irony is after last year's record snow, people were making a mad scramble for fatbikes.

Brendan said...

Right near the corner of Old Farms & Tilottson on Tilottson, there'a trail head right before the small bridge. That trail goes for about a quarter of a mile. At the terminus at ancient bridge, turn left, then pretty quick right, then quick left up a steep hill. Keep going southwest-ish (because there are several different trails) and you'll end up at Winding Trails or the bike path if you went more west than south.

I don't know if that description made a lot of sense, but it's Avon & Farmington, you can't go too far in any direction without ending up in a subdivision.

Syl said...

When you do the "Sauser training", you mean something like this?

CB2 said...

No, no hopping.
I once read or heard Sauser uses his mtb on the road, to be training on the bike he races. So I put a big gear on and did a little on / off road excursion.
I'm hoping this will help me beat you @ KoB.

Syl said... only have 14 seconds to make up! Heard it's going to be a new course layout this year!

Syl said...

though the hopping looks interesting! Maybe a little late to start doing it this year, but I liked hearing that it increases your explosive power, which I am in serious need of!