Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Boy Gear

I really worked myself up over this.
It's not really even that big.
Not like "Monte Big".
It used to be the "standard", but I haven't ridden a gear as large since a TdT in September where I just about needed to tie a tow rope to Neal to get up some of the climbs.

I kept flip flopping.

Should I put a bigger cog on?
Was it going to be too hard?
Should I just curl up under the flower blanket and eat treats?
Just give up this silly bicycle riding thing?

So how did it go?

Well if you must pry...

I wasn't setting any land speed records, but I got up all the climbs.  I even made it up the Secret Ninja Death Chute.
My legs feel muy fresco too.

Maybe it was my new cranks.
They are 93% swankier than the cranks they replaced.