Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last Sunday I was riding with the CTNemba group ride @ the West Hartford Reservoir. I suggested an alternate route so we could hit the Secret Ninja Death Chute (SNDC). A chute off a rock ledge between rock and a tree, so named because if someone was just riding along the Metacomet trail in the MDC you could swoop down upon them from on high.
Like a Secret Ninja.
Reigning death.
The run up to the SNDC, you drop down a steep, rooty, rocky hill, and then immediately climb up a similar hill to a rock outcropping above the Metacomet trail.
As I led the way to the SNDC, I took my usual line up to the top of the outcropping and waited for the group before descending the SNDC.
When Fabian got there he attempted to ride straight up the rock as apposed to riding the switchback I always ride.
I gave him an A for effort, but explained the line was over there. Charlie Beristain then chimed in "That's the Cheater line, we used to ride straight up that (on our geared FS bikes)".
I'm riding the cheater line?
The shame.
I always pride myself on taking the original line, or most challenging line. I'm not like Al riding off cliffs, but if it's in the trail I'm going to ride it. Though shall not ride braids. That kind of thing.
I can't have this on my conscious.
Tuesday I was able to squeeze in a ride before work. Run up to the SNDC, not even close. But I see the possibility. Maybe a smaller gear? I had to keep moving; the sinks weren't going to buff themselves (If only they could!).
Saturday went for it again. Close but no cigar. But close.
Close enough to try again. Missed it by this much.
Third time's the charm? Nope, but I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel.
Lucky number 4 (actually my Sister's lucky number). Shazam! I made it!
Revisited it today to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Didn't hold the line exactly as I wanted, but I made it.
Of course I have no witnesses to corroborate this, so at this point it is just a fish tale.
You have to take my word, or am I a liar?
Would I ever tell a lie?

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