Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie!

On Saturday I had the privilege of riding with Charlie Beristain on his birthday. His 73'rd birthday.
Charlie is a former National champion, and Worlds silver medalist, and can usually hand it to guys half his age. There is no log or drop he won't try and ride, and as long as he has a pass from the Mrs., no "epic" he won't try.
So next time you think it's too cold to ride (my ear is pealing from the wind burn I received riding with him on January 3rd when it was 16F and there were winds gusting to 40 mph), or too wet to ride (Charlie was the only one to show up for the rainy Black Friday Death March) , just remember, Charlie's riding.
As we parted ways on Saturday, Charlie politely said "Thanks for riding with me".
No, thank you Charlie!

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Mookie said...

It's inspiring to know where we're headed. I swim with a guy who's knockin' on 70's door and he regularly slays my ass. Shhh, don't tell anyone.