Thursday, January 14, 2010


Much like Buddy the Elf I need to make work my new favorite. It seems people decide that yes, they were going to finally start spending money on important things like cultured marble vanity tops now that 2009 is FINALLY OVER!
This means re-accustoming myself to a real schedule again. No more leisurely 40 hour weeks for me. No more slipping out at 3 PM to ride before dark.
Now I've got to stop staying up to the un-Godly hour of 10:00 PM watching TV shows that suck, so I can get up early enough to commute to work.
I was going to try and make today my first commute of the year, but the needing lights round trip sort of bummed me out, so I found an excuse to drive.
But I don't know how many more excuses I can think up!

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