Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They say bad things come in threes

What about good things?
Started the day with a pre-work mtb ride. Temps were a couple of degrees below freezing, so other than some crunchy frost heaves and some not quite frozen spots in the really wet areas things were hard and fast. Nice.
Then I get to work and Brown Santa shows up with a couple of these:

I've been pretty happy with my wheels, but I've heard these mythical stories of people airing up their tires with just a floor pump (when setting up tubeless). Although my rims have never let me down, the initial installation of tires is never nearly that easy, so if I can make my life easier and loose some weight too? Seems like a no brainer. Other than they cost twice as much as my current rims.
If all that wasn't enough, when i switch on the ol' internet, Thom discusses his newest fetish.
Ah, life is good.


Mookie said...

What are you running for spokes/hubs? Or is that classified info?

CB2 said...

I'm just replacing the rims on my current wheels, so DT Revolution 2.0/1.5 spokes, brass nipples, DT 240 SS rear hub, and a Formula front.

Mookie said...

What will be the net rotational weight savings? Don't say you didn't calculate.

CB2 said...

I'm guessing about 240g when all is said and done.

Manicmtbr said...


I read on the interwebs the decals on the rims weigh 9 grams on each rim. Picked mine up today as well and the first order of business will be to remove the decals . . .

Wow 2.0 1.5 revo's? At 170, that is not in the cards for me. I am envious!