Friday, January 15, 2010

First Commute

When I got to work yesterday, by truck, I saw the above picture posted on Jussi's facebook page. It's his rush hour commute in Finland.
Boy did I feel like a velvet palmed dandy.
The gauntlet had been thrown down. There was no way I was going to match that mark, but if he can commute in the dark and snow (sounds like a Zeppelin song), I could handle needing lights both to and from work.
Who knows, maybe if I don't waste too much time on this I won't hardly need them on the way home.
It took me a little longer to get out of the house than I expected, and then I had to turn around and get the key to the shop after a couple hundred meters, but I finally got going about 6:20 AM.
I wore long fingered mtb gloves and a light jacket which at first I feared would be too light in the sub freezing (28F so only barley sub) morning air, but after 15 minutes or so I was feeling pretty good. I didn't want to be over dressed for what I anticipate will be a delightful ride home this evening.
You know how when you have extra milk left from your cereal you can top it off with a little more? Not a good idea right before commuting.
It was re-assuring to see a flag blowing in the breeze proving that I wasn't naturally this slow, that the wind was helping me to some degree. Never the less, I set a record for the slowest commute of all time this morning.
Which is nice.


Mookie said...

Are those Planet Bike fenders? I just threw a pair on my winter rig but I had to cut the front because of my fork crown. I'm extremely jealous of Jussi's cummute.

Big Bikes said...

Long-fingered MTB gloves when it's 28 out! Whaddaya produce your own heat source like a Tibetan Monk?

Below 30 and I've got the lobsters on.

CB2 said...
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CB2 said...

Yes A, they are PB's. No cutting necessary seeing as I have a 32 y/o flat crown fork on the Fun Machine.

The velvet palms help keep my hand warm.

Had to delete original comment due to spelling errors that I'm too uptight to live with

Mookie said...

I understand your wanting to have your comments grammatically tight and spelling up to snuff; It's amazing the level of misuse on the internet. I guess I'm uptight in that regard as well.