Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Devil

Definitive proof!

I'm not the most superstitious person in the world, but sometimes things add up to 666!
I was just riding along, minding my own business, psyched about being the first human to pass along this trail since the snow had fallen. First human I say because some hoofed beast, I presumed a deer had made first tracks. Well all of a sudden the hoof prints end and boot tracks begin!
Now I bet you're saying there must be a simple explanation, like the calories from the bowl of cereal I had 5 hours earlier were depleted and my mind was playing tricks on me. Or the wind had drifted the snow creating a Wintry illusion.
How do you explain having Metallica and Disturbed in my head? Not exactly common tunes for me to be humming along to.
How do you explain me not having my phone with me to take a picture of this phenomenon? I've had my phone with me all week, and as I was leaving I said to myself, "what could you possibly need your phone for?".
I don't think so.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Are you sure those boot tracks didn't come from off trail and had turned onto the trail you were on? Otherwise, I think you should stop sniffing your teflon spray.