Thursday, January 7, 2010


I hadn't been out since Sunday. 3 days. That's a long time for me. The backlog from Christmas break, plus a healthy flow of orders this week have conspired to keep me in the shop long hours. It's been cold, but the conditions for snow riding are so good right now; I'd just look at the clock, and then my workload and sigh. Not complaining; bring it on I say! I just need to plan better and charge up the lights. I've just become accustom to the flexible schedule the recession has afforded me.
So today when Mike from Gilley Kitchen and Bath called to tell me not to make a special trip up there today, it let me shift some stuff around so I could get out before sunset.
The sweet nectar of unexpected singletrack is oh so rewarding.
Even with smaller than usual 49" gear, the snow made for a "power" ride (you can stop laughing now Mike and Thom), not too much spinny spinny. Yet still near perfect snow riding conditions; loose enough to make it interesting, yet not too icy as to crack open your skull.
Made some Hans Fooking Rey moves and felt like the king of the world. Good enough to forget about the relatively pedestrian moves I boned on account of a crusty snow drift or hidden patch of ice.
This Winter has been rather cooperative as far as riding goes. There have been a couple of days where I've had to ride the Fun Machine on the road, but all in all, this has been one of the best Winter riding seasons in a long time.
I hope I have to do some night rides!

I had another post all set to go about "The Man", but riding today was such a blast, it'll wait, or maybe it'll be rapid fire blogging, or some such nonsense.


Hill Junkie said...

No such luck here in Cow Hampshire. About 4" of powder over 4" of weak crust. A friend and I tried to hit trails at lunch yesterday. Worth a try. He wheelied over a snow bank entering the trail, only to stuff the front wheel coming down and made a perfect face first snow angle. I peed a little laughing so hard. We aborted and did repeats on a plowed cell tower hill access road.

Big Bikes said...

49" is plenty big in the off-season, in the snow.

Not that I worry about such things anymore. HA!