Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear D.I.N.K.s

Dear D.I.N.K. bastards,
I hate you!
Well, that's a little harsh.
I'm jealous as all HELL of you.
Green with envy even.
I know, I know, I made my bed, now I should lie in it. Frolicking around the mild SW can't compare to the warmth of Fatherhood can it?
This has been one of the best Winter's for riding we've had in a long time, but even so, getting away from it and the joys of parenthood for even a weekend is more than somewhat appealing.
So when you are here:

Think of me here:

Contemplating if I should add another layer with temps in the single digits (I shouldn't have), or if I had enough calories to last the ride (I didn't).
At least bring some glory and stories back to the North East so I can live vicariously through you.
Ah, I feel better now.
Hugs and kisses,



James said...

Sorry boss!
If it makes you feel any better it's going to rain on Wednesday. It will still be 61 degrees.

Rigidnsingle said...

I can't believe your making me feel guilty, or that I'm letting it happen.
I'll spare you the course details to ease your pain.