Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a little further

Saturday was one of those days where you, or rather I, was just looking for an excuse.
I wasn't feeling great on the bike.  Healthy enough, just wasn't "into it" I guess.
The snow was kinda crappy.
There was just enough half frozen slushy wet snow to add a little extra resistance.  That plus the wind (yes, even in the trees the wind was a slight factor) was making things a little more challenging.

Oh, and did I mention I had Summer racer-boy tires mounted.

On Thursday there was no snow in the forecast, and after all the work it took to get the stubborn tire to seal on my well worn and dented rim, I wasn't a going to change it back.

I had a "normal size" gear on too.

I kept on making that deal with myself "well go to that point, and if you're still a whiny little baby you can then turn around"
I got to the point and set another point.

But the further North I got the better the conditions got.

conditions got so good it was almost like riding on a road

What the?

Seems after all the people whining  about "needing" electricity after being without for over a week from the October snowstorm  the power company decided they "needed" a way to get to the powerlines.

Fortunately they only needed to "improve" a few hundred meters of trail.

By the time I had got to Wintonbury Rd I was starting to feel pretty good, and ran out of early bailout spots.
I knew there would be no more need for shortcuts, and had got down to the business of just enjoying my ride.

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Trevor said...

Sometimes it does seem to take a bit longer to get 'into' a ride...but like you I find that if I stick with it the decision to carry on will pay off........