Friday, February 3, 2012

Pick up your dog SH!T!!!

As I was leaving the Res today, being a goody-two-shoes pressing the button and waiting for the light a guy walking his dog walks up.
As he's leaving he tosses a bag, I assume of his dog's excrement by the fence around the res.

I yell over to him, "Hey!  Pick up your dog shit!"

He coyly smiles and begins walking towards me.

"I said, Pick up your dog shit!"  I exclaim again.

To which he informs me "Oh I'm here all the time I'll get it another time".

"Yeah right"  I retort "that's why I see all the bags of shit all over the place in here".

This sort of ticks him off

"You ride bike" he says.

"You pick up your dog shit" I reply.

He comes back with "You shit, just ride bike".

The light changes, there is a car behind me and a MDC truck is pulling in to the facility, so I start shouting
"This guy's leaving his dog shit by the gate, this guy's leaving his dog shit!"

Pick up your dog shit.


Mookie said...

Oh great, are you going to start fights at LRRH's tomorrow? Should I pack?

CB2 said...

If someone leave a bag of dog shit by the door it's go time

fabian said...

You should have rubbed his nose in it!

eastwood said...

Nice job!! I always wondered why someone would even go through the trouble of bagging if they weren't going to carry it out... did they expect the Poop Fairy to come by and collect?

Alby King said...

Total crap, and you are the shit.

Muffintop said...

I'm with you on this one.

I own a dog, I pick up her crap. I don't understand why peeps go to the effort of bagging it up and then not put it in the bin. Plastic degrades a lot slower than dog crap.

You get an on the spot fine of 20 quid not picking up your dog crap.

He's a Tosser, literally and masturbatorially.


Dan said...

Next time his car is there just go on a dog crap scavenger hunt and leave them on his windseild. Minus the bags of course, or you can do the civil thing and just get his plate and report him for driving erratically.

Cervelo Girl said...

Good on ya!