Thursday, February 2, 2012

News Flash!!!

The economy still sucks.
At least it does for building and remodeling.
Sure the Halloween snow storm has made roofers happy, but bathroom remodeling and new construction?
Home sales were at their worst in about forever last year (gee maybe if you remodel your bathroom you can sell that great white elephant of an overpriced house?).

But this blog is about bikes, what does the above have to do with bikes you may ask?

Mrs. CB2 has a job.  If it's a matter of her missing hours and not getting paid or me leaving work that I may or may not be getting paid for, guess what?  We'll take the sure thing.

But my Mother the eternal optimist has taught me to look on the bright side.  When life hands you lemons, make lemonade so to speak.

LB has an early day (11:15 AM? what's the point of even going?)  QB gets home @ 3:40 PM

Not enough time to drive back to work, get set up, get anything done, and drive back home for the bus.  Plus who wants to drive to Crazytown twice in one day?

But plenty of time for a bike ride!

Here's to making the best of what life hands you.


eastwood said...
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eastwood said...

Early days are mental... it's all about keeping them just long enough to count as a real day... one of our regulations is that we have to serve lunch... which means first lunch at about 9:00... school brunch anyone?

BUT, you get to ride, so it's all good!

(former comment removed for a horrible spelling error)