Monday, January 30, 2012

The Plan

Monte had made notice; he was a bachelor for the weekend and willing to travel.  Perfect opportunity to show him some of the best trails in CT.
The sensible thing to do would be have a nice leisurely spin on Saturday and save some matches for Monte's tour on Sunday.

But Neal was riding Case.

Must resist...

urge too strong...

After a crumby night of sleep and not committing to it until 1/2 hour before ETD I found myself in the truck heading over the river.  Of course this was after the frantic scramble that usually accompanies such last minute decisions.
Neal had planned an early start so the trails would be firm.
He also planned on making it count.
Case drains well, but after a 1/2 foot of snow a week ago, and rain Thursday to Friday it was hard to believe how good the conditions were.  I know my local haunt would have been one big soup bowl.  Only on the second lap of the new trails in the deforested section did things turn a little soft and slick.  Everything else; solid as a rock.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

After the mad dash to make it to the ride on Saturday I had everything laid out for me. I was so on time I even stopped at the bank. But as I drove up to Nassahegan I was noticing more and more snow on people's lawns.
After mild temps reaching into the fifties all week?

James, Josh and Monte were waiting for me in an icy parking lot.
Maybe there'd be less snow in the woods.


Not only was there still snow, there were frozen ruts from people riding in the snow and the flowing singletrack I was so excited to show was a luge run.
After less than 2 miles we decided sliding around pontooning across ice wasn't going to be fun.

We could go to the res and do a TdT, but who knows if there was snow and ice on the Northern sections of it?

We went for the sure thing.
Back in the truck and heading over the river to Case.
About 30% of the time I wasn't sure we were going the right way, but we had time to make it work and hit some good stuff.  Made it back to the trail head as everyone was  just about to run out of food and water.

This is what it's all about; great rides with good friends having fun.
(so much fun there was no time to take pictures; I tried once but those fookers were too quick for me to get a shot off)

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Rigidnsingle said...

Way too much fun to whip out the camera. Thanks for the tour. Will do again soon-M