Friday, January 13, 2012

Game Changer?

I drove Mrs. CB2's car to work yesterday.
Because the battery had been complete drained the computer was starting from square one.
The radio also didn't work needing some special code after being deprived of DC, so the electronic Swedish bean counter on the dash was my only entertainment.

50% better gas mileage than my truck.

That included waiting in traffic because the signal lights on Park Rd were out, going on  a delivery on top of a giant freakin' hill, letting the car run for fear the battery wasn't charging, and going to the bank.  In other words a lower percentage of highway miles than usual.

I knew it would be better, but from the numbers Mrs. CB2 usually gets I was expecting along the lines of a 20% improvement.

Guess all the city driving and her lead foot are at work here.

If I was driving the Volvo I would have only save $317 dollars in gasoline last year. 

As business has declined I need the trucks capacity less and less.  I still have the van for big loads, and honestly I can't fit much more in the F150 than I could in my old Ranger, which actually doesn't have that much more capacity than the Volvo.

Maybe I should drive the Volvo but commute by bike 50% more?

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