Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In a highly scientific study it was determined (by me) that people who drive red vehicles are the worst.

Doesn't matter the make or model, if it's red, watch out!

On Saturday to pass the time on a LSD ride I came up with a game called "Who's a Crappy Driver" and these were my findings.
The worst offender was a piece-o-crap Chevy S10 pick-em-up truck.  Pulled out and almost smashed me into a ditch.
Next was a swervy Toyota  Corrolla; it's one thing to swerve over the yellow to pass me, but to swerve over the white?
Finally to prove my theory, a was buzzed by a Ferrari 599, showing it doesn't matter how fancy your car is you're still a dick.

On the ride home this evening my theory was further confirmed when I almost swapped paint with a Ford Escape, and it was a four lane road!

But there is hope!  As I was marveling at how well a young lady in a non-descript grey sedan passed me, giving me 3' yet not crossing the yellow, I noticed a sign on the rear of her car:

"Canton High School Drivers Ed"

On a final note, the dead weight at the bottom of the reading list is going to be jettisoned if not updated by the end of the week.


Trevor said...

Greetings from the UK.
I have just found your blog and have linked in as a follower.
I look forward to following your future posts.


CB2 said...

Right on Trevor!

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed at dick head drivers at the moment too. Why do morons feel the need to yell out the window of their car as they come past? Exactly how many seconds did you save by squeezing me into the gutter rather than rolling out of the throttle till the road widened 30 meters ahead. Sheesh!

Yet, tomorrow is another day and I live in hope that trail fairies will have constructed a bike path from my front door to work overnight. We can only dream :D