Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing in the snow is fun.  
But it can be hard work.  
That's all I got.

It got a couple few inches deeper, but by Sunday the trails were seeing a good amount of traffic, and when it was virgin snow, it was too nice to stop and take a picture.

New sealed cables on Mary Jane. I don't know if the flawless shifting helped or not in the snow (as apposed to SS)


I just remembered, checkout how sick Blu.2 looks with the Waltworks fork!


fabian said...

You got less snow then us!

CB2 said...

Yeah you were in some kind of crazy snow vortex; you got double what we did!

the original big ring said...

Two words: Fat Bike

CB2 said...

You can pedal that koolaid elsewhere OBR; fatbike wouldn't be any better in what we had this weekend.