Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday was in the upper twenties (*F).  Sunday never made it out of the teens.  Even so, I don't think I was anymore (or less) uncomfortable either day.

Saturday was about double the riding time, but only about a third more exposure being I was riding solo.
Lovely 63 mile (that 100k if you want to get all euro and the likes) fixed gear jaunt out to Red Riding hood's Basket in Southwick, MA.
It was good.

Real good.

Good enough to want to move.
It doesn't hurt that its at the end of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.
Hot cocoa steamed with the espresso maker and a chocolate chip scone. I now see why CB1  makes this trip so often.
Just what I needed for the 50k ride home (there I go, all euro again).

Sunday was an exercise in dressing right.
polypro long-sleeved t-shirt, leg warmers, bib shorts, micro fleece jersey, tights with wind-stopper fronts, Rox skull cap, Lake Winter boots and the greatest jacket ever made.
My Santini windstopper jacket.  So warm.  So lightweight.  I feels like I won the lottery every time I wear it.
Properly attired, the only time I felt the single to low double digit temps was when we rode out of the shelter of the trees and headed into the wind on the powerlines.
No delightful treats mid ride (even if there was a cafe on the Shenipsit Trail, I had left my wallet at home), but a great group of hearty souls to brave the elements with (it really wasn't bad).


Hill Junkie said...

Just goes to prove "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes." I've been loving my new Shimano SH-MW81 winter shoes. I tried the new style Lake's, which are more like cross country ski boots. A bit much for most riding I do. I had no trouble keeping feet warm in the Shimano's on Sunday.

CB2 said...

I'm not crazy about the Lakes, but they work. I don't care for the boa system, and they really aren't much warmer than shoes and booties, but they are all in one so there is that. They've lasted 5 seasons, and are still going strong.
Two of the guys I was riding with had other Winter boots. PIs and Gaerne. They had hardy slippy lugs on the bottom that provided minimum traction off the bike (guess they should stay on the bike?).