Thursday, January 5, 2012


The stars aligned.
The resin (work stuff) would be arriving in the morning.
Traffic cooperated.
It was in the mid 30s F, and I had an hour-ish of something resembling daylight.

Regardless of how mild the air temperature was the trails were still frozen; solid as a rock.

I wanted to find an Arrested Development video of "Solid as Iraq", got distracted, so now I give you this:

Trails were like a skate park.  Too much fun.
I'm almost dreading the predicted warm up this weekend.
Somehow though, I will persevere...

If I do manage to survive the expected hellish upper 40s I'll have a couple of product reviews for you next week.
Oh boy!


fabian said...

The riding is unbelievable, I can't get enough.

Tracey said...

Snow has got me indoors so getting my bike fix through blogs. Came across yours. A little jealous of this post, I must say.

Have you thought to enter something here? Would love to have another bike voice added to this site that collects inspirational stories. You can link new readers to your blog if you like. Good luck!