Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was psyched.
The trails would be frozen solid, yet the temps had climbed into the mid 20s °F.
I had planned my day right, and I would be finished early enough to hit the CB1 Birthday climb in honor of CB1's birthday.
Then horror came over me; did I forget a jacket?
Yes, but fortunately I had both my team wind breaker, and the ironic Rockshox windbreaker in the truck.

In the bathroom changing, standing in legwarmers and a heartrate strap, very S&M looking, I reach into my bag and pull out a jersey, then a polypro t-shirt, and then another jersey.
Then a sock.
No shorts.
I must have mistaken the black jersey for shorts when I was packing my bag.
I didn't even have my phone with me to take pictures for a fetish magazine.

At least that freed me up for a few hours of frustration working on training spreadsheets (excel is new to me).


Cervelo Girl said...

Haha. Been there. I have learned not to pack my training bag when I'm tired. I try to keep all of the cycling essentials together (ie helmet, gloves, glasses, arm warmers etc.), which helps a lot. My new fun blunder has been forgetting to pack certain things in my swim bag..for instance, the other day I packed 2 bras, but no undies... It was a "breezy" day at work. ;)

Muffintop said...

I forgot my trainers at gym and ended up taking my spin class in winter walking boots. The teacher said I was 'hardcore' when he saw them (I think he was still in his teens).