Friday, January 20, 2012

Damn Cell Phones!

No some idiot didn't almost hit me talking on the phone; the idiot who almost hit me didn't have any excuse other than being an idiot.

I had to pick up LB from school  midday.
Of course my first thought was this was an excellent excuse to get in some riding; hardly worth driving back to work for just a couple hours.  Right?
But then a customer called and needed me to fax them some information.
I'll ride back to work, send the faxes, then ride until dark!

I figured I'd do something like this.

Well, as I'm getting close to the shop my phone starts going off.
Mrs CB2 wants to know if I'm meeting the bus for QB.

The thought of pretending I had my phone on "silent" and carrying on my merry way crossed my mind.

But the conscious got the better of me.
Instead of one last LSD before the snow, I tried to make up for time and mileage and jumped the gun on intensity a bit.

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