Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yesterday was the oppressed Workers of America Unite! ride.
We headed North to the Mt Holyoke range for some picture perfect examples of New England singletrack.

1 26" HT
1 racy FS 26"
2 26" long travel trail bikes
1 29" HT

Who had the right bike?

Everyone did.

SC wanted to launch and air it out when ever possible so his Carbon Nomad fit the bill.

Fritz was looking to efficiently cover ground making his Giant ideal.

YC wanted comfort and control (something about not dying) and found it on his Nomad.

BV is young and put the Rock back in Rockhopper when the trail turned downwards (he claims all we did was climb).

I was on my Swift set up as a 1x8 HT.  Coming from rigid singlespeed, the Swift as a HT is a Sofa King plush ride good for all day epics.

Same trail, different bikes, win win win.

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