Monday, May 19, 2014

National Bike to Work Day

May 15th was National Bike to Work day...
 otherwise known as Friday.
There are 3 components to bicycle commuting:
  • Physical
  • Environmental
  • Economic
Physically it's a great way to get in a workout and relieve stress while minimizing impact on your time with family.  Usually a bicycle commute will only increase your travel time by minutes if you work locally (with in 15-20 miles) and the frustration level of traveling by car, being stuck at light after light, is nearly eliminated.

Environmentally you are not burning a bunch of dinosaurs getting from point a to b.  You are also more aware of the environment around you as you are in it; not tucked in a metal cocoon  that is increasing being designed to remove you from the world around.  Not only that but a bicycle is made of only 20 pounds or so of natural resources, not 4000.

Let's face it, driving a car costs money.  It might not seem like a lot when you look at it day to day, but when you add it up day after day operating and maintaining a car is expensive.  Gas, tires, oil changes and repairs, can easily add up to multiple thousands of dollars a year.  Shouldering this burden might not be an issue for some but for many it's a substantial difficulty.

Fortunately I have a workplace that encourages such behavior

even rewards it
(if only everyday...)

To paraphrase the immortal words of Sam I Am, try it try it you will see...
(if you haven't already)

Friday, May 16, 2014

JRA; it was a good run

Nearing the end of a 50 mile mtb commute, descending a gravel fireroad I heard a "tink".  Then I heard a lot of "tinks" and things got all loosey goosey.
I pulled over, checked the rear of my bike;all was fine.
Checked the front wheel; all good.
Checked the underside:

That's not good...

This is the second one that's broken in that region.

Maybe jolly Ol England ain't as wikid gnawly as New England?

Great riding frames, love the ebb, but maybe we just weren't "meant to be".

Which leads us to the obvious question; what bike's next?!