Monday, July 13, 2020

CT50 2020 number 1 2020

I said I was going to clean the bathroom which makes writing my first blog post in almost 2 years seem quite appealing.

With the whole Covid thingy my race season is essentially cancelled.
No 50s
No 100Ks
No nuthin.

I heart the 50s.  I double heart being on the bike all day and wrecking myself a little bit.  So when my Lovely said she was going to her sister's for the weekend, wheels started turning.

The youth of today got wind of my plans and thought joining me for part would be nifty.

The last time I attempted a similar ride, things didn't exactly go my way.  Flatted with weak sealant, only to find my handy tube was more of a holy tube.  No patch kit.  

Who carries a patch kit theses days?  

From now on this guy.  
Patch kit, two tubes, regular multi-tool thingy, quick links, cotter pins, 5 Co2s.

Tire plugs?  Nope.  My old eyes can no longer see well enough without my glasses to plug a tire on the trail.

Unsure of water fountain situation, I dropped three bottles at Wintonbury Rd.  after work Saturday. 
 I could of had the youths bring water, but hindsight, 20/20 and the likes.

heading out into a stiff but not unpleasant headwind, I pondered what was worse, wind or humidity.  Definitely wind.  
I'd be in the woods soon enough so no matter.
Legs felt a little heavy, but it's early.

Started out with the Westside of the Res.  Cleaned "Westside to the ridge with all the good stuff" with a 19.  Yay me.
Skipped a couple trails making haste to meet the youngsters.

Super Guy's truck was there, but no Tan Man II.  Super guy soon descends from some Penwood loops, but where is Tan Man II?
We text.
We call.
Sleepy Tan Man says he can't make it.

So we're off.

Show Super Guy some trails he said he's ridden before that he hasn't ridden and take him through a scary game tunnel.

1/8 of a mile on 187 and we go in the backdoor of Cowles.

I'm getting excited for my mid-ride snack.  We decide to keep riding until we are back on the ridge.  I've been tantalizing Super Guy about my surprise snack since we met up.

His guess is fruit snacks.

His guess is WRONG!

#mountainpizza for the win!

Super Guy's mom only had cracker snacks

 not #mountainpizza

When we descend back into Tarifville, there are a couple guys in leotards hanging around the green.  Why?
Because the water fountain is on!!!
Which works out well, as Super Guy is out of water.
The packy is open too.

Packy = ice cold
water fountain = free

Back up to the ridge and on to Wintonbury.  I down all my water but the two full bottles I put on my bike.  Super Guy decides to head South with me until he's tired.
He makes it to the end of the white trail which is also a convenient turning spot.

Back through the center of Penwood, cutting down the purple to the red and back across 185.

Since they've been replacing the utility poles over the mountain the powerline gravel has been much improved.  Taking it avoids the walkers and blacktop of Res 6. and replaces it with exposed hilly gravel.

I cleaned it with a 19.  Yay me again (I predicted I'd be walking some of the loose steep stuff).

When I got back to the Res. and start doodling around the Eastside.  It looked like I was going to come up a bit short on mileage.    No bother, I'll just ride the "Hidden Singletrack" which is neither hidden or singletrack.
Then on to home.  Probably should have rode another 10 miles and pretended I was doing the Carrabassett Challenge, but fake Klondike bars and more #mountainpizza were calling.

Guess I need to clean the bathroom now.