Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some Days

Let's see, I can fold laundry, there are a couple dishes that need washing, maybe organize my sock drawer...anything but get ready for work.
Well, not exactly ready for work, but ready to ride to work.

It's a beautiful morning,but I just wasn't into it. Maybe it was Steve's fault for getting me thinking about killer B Audis

Whatever the case, it was a morning where I didn't want to set  a good example, be green, save money and commute by bicycle.

But any day I can, I have to.


See above.
I feel as the co-creator of 3 human beings I have certain ecological responsibility.  Part of that responsibility is not using a car for trips I can make under my own power.  I also need to show them how to live a healthy lifestyle for their own well being as well as the planet.

Oh, yeah kids eat a lot of food, which they aren't just giving away, so every little bit helps.

Begrudgingly I suited up.  All that procrastinating meant now I'd have to pedal harder than I really wanted to get to work on time.


Work was good, but guess what?  There was a bike ride waiting for me at the end of the day.  At one point someone joked a customer wanted to take me home with her, "good" I said "I don't feel like riding".

But the evening was nice, the wind was warm, and the lights were kind.

Ready to do it another day.