Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benidorm Bikes Mountain Bike Ride w/ Charlie

Every 4th Sunday of the month Benidorm Bikes has a group mountain bike ride for cyclist of all abilities; Benidorm Bikes Mountain Bike Ride w/ Charlie.

Hey, that's me!

The first one was a no show, maybe because it was Memorial Day weekend, so I just went for a long ride by myself.

The second one was a no show, which was fine by me because I had been hit by a car two days earlier and was in a bit of "discomfort".

But I was beginning to get a complex.  If no one was going to show up why am I carrying a first aid kit and waivers?  Why was I arranging my Sunday schedule around this?

The third one there was a threat of rain.  I condensed the waivers and first aid to a one jersey pocket packet figuring I'd be heading out alone again, but just in case people showed up...and they did.

3 hearty souls all independent from one another were waiting for me at Res 6.

We got poured on, muddied and a little bloodied.  We had a blast as I shared the trails I've been riding and discovering for over 20 years just minutes from Hartford!

Next one is August 24th, 8:30 AM starting at MDC Res 6 in West Hartford; hope to see you there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello blog, long time no see.
Been going through huge life changes.  Some of which have made me grow as a person, hopefully as a better person.  In doing so what I what thought of as free time is devoted to other things.  Less time to sit around writing about bikes.

So, you'll still see the occasional race report, pictures of food and product reviews (hopefully you won't see any more accident reports), they just won't be as frequent as the blogging salad days.

When my kids go on vacation I've got a ride report from Benidorm Bikes Mountain Bike Ride with Charlie, and a review of my new Singular Swift

*Spoiler alert*

I really like(d) them both.

Thanks for stopping by.