Friday, January 28, 2011

Marketing Genius

When I should have been doing something productive like marketing my own business, I was wasting time on the MTBR. I got into a conversation on where and how to buy a Singular.

I reply, with what I hope is useful information, and then go back to trying to be productive.

I get into work after clearing snow yesterday and the answer machine light is all blinky and the likes.
Someone is calling looking for a sink, and he got my name from my website. What he's looking for, isn't exactly what I do, but I call him back and leave a message of what to look for and where to get it.
He, let's call him Dave, calls back and it turns out he was the guy looking for a Singular,
When Dave was on the MTBR, he clicked the link to my blog, you know this one, and came here.

He then went here:

and ordered one of these:

and it turns out then he went here to try and spread more love:

Genius I tell you, genius!

Now why don't the rest of you cheap fookers pony up the cash and remodel your bathrooms?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybe I need a new plan

I don't think I'll be riding anytime soon. This has been the snowiest month for Connecticut in recorded history.
Close to 5'.
I hoping for a couple of days around freezing; maybe then the roads will be passable.
I've seen some brave souls commuting, but with how narrow the lanes are maybe they're more foolish than brave?
I guess I'll have to keep a stiff upper lip and make peace with the rollers.

Maybe I can find a ski sponsor?
Not much snow in England so getting Sam on board would be a hard sell.
But Marty sees his fair share of the white stuff, maybe he can convince Sam of the viability of a
ski line?
Could call them Cardinals, or Bobwhites.
Trying to stay optimistic, shoveling out a path to access bikes

Monday, January 17, 2011

Charlie Drives a Truck...

...and puts the punk into the proverbial tape.

I was first in line at a light, in the left turn only lane, turning onto a road that quickly merges down to from 2 to 1 lane. Light changes, I go, and some punk in a lowered Honda tries to zip around me on the right. Problem for the suburban gangsta was with the 2' of snow we got his lane ceased to exist and he slams into the snow bank. The first I realized any of this was when I heard his pimped ride crunch into the snow bank.
Look over and he's pissed, mouthing "WTF" at me.
I pulled into the parking lot of the store I was going to, ready for the inevitable confrontation, but he never showed so I went about my business.
When I was done and pulled out of the lot, he was still stuck in the snowbank.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I should have gone riding...

...well maybe not. On the drive over to the res to go XC Skiing, the roads really didn't look that bad. It was still early enough that there wouldn't be too much traffic, but the skis were already in the truck and I was almost there so guess I'll give it a go.
Most of the mtb guys had been snow shoeing and consequently they had packed down a nice singletrack around our familiar loop.
Not the best skiing but better than bushwhacking.
About 30 minutes in I stopped for a drink, and called Mrs. CB2 to tell her the conditions were not too bad, a little bumpy, but doable.
Fortunately she had the good sense to ignore me.
The next 20 minutes or so were pretty good; I had reached the top, traversed to the descent and headed back down.
On the descent it seemed like the snowshoe-rs and other trail users had a free for all; they were all over the place.
When I got to my turn "home" it seemed no one else had chosen to tread that route, so I continued up a little higher, made, some "first tracks" on the little cut through trail to the levees.
Having 6' plastic strips attached to my feet was beginning to wear on me. My shoulder sockets hurt, as did my thighs, hips and ankles.
I wanted the shortest route back to the truck, but also the path of least resistance, and the one that would avoid the inevitable pavement crossing.
More fresh powder and "2nd tracks" got me to the paved loop, where I had to ski on top of the plowed snow 3' above the tarmac...getting passed by joggers, hikers, people with strollers, and children.
Fortunately I was able to duck back into the woods after only 1 or 2 tenths of a mile of that humiliation.
One final little hill and I'd be home free. I was pretty tired at this point so I decide to side step down the hill to avoid crashing trying to control my skis in 2' of powder with zero energy...but I still ate it.
It was a good workout, but as I tried to rally enough strength to shave, I'll be thankful to get back on the bike...SOON!

looking back

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

No one needs a sink that bad for me to go in with 20"+ of snow falling, so whilst it was precipitating I head down to the basement for a little project...
Now riding in the snow is fun and all, but even with a fatbike, you ain't going nowhere with that much snow.
Think, think, what to do, what to do?
With this much snow, I'd have to pay money to go XC skiing; something I am diametrically apposed to doing (conversely, Mrs. CB2 will not ski if she can't spend money).
I don't have snow shoes, and I'm not planning on buying any soon (do you see a theme of frugality forming; Mrs. CB2 has a different term for it).
Riding on the roads might be my only option to keep my girlish figure.
The roads are going to be pretty shitty for a while...there is only one solution...
The Death Alley Driver!!!

Studded tires, disc brakes, fenders, gears (singlespeeds and fixed gears are so 2009), and the pièce de résistance, the Metro Bars that MMCG was so kind enough to let me borrow when I broke my thumb.
I had planned on racing cross on Mary Jane, but the fork was making a horrible creaking sound. I figured it would be okay for the road, due to lack of impact, but on closer inspection the crown race was pretty loose, I had another that was much tighter, you know how they are supposed to be, so hopefully that solved the problem.
I wanted to go with full coverage fenders front and rear, but there were interference issues with the rear brake, fender fiddling rates high on the pain in the ass-o-meter.
Can't wait to give her a proper ride.
Now I'll leave you with some 80's classics that somehow connect to this post.

(I gave you the extendy version 'cause I know how you love the 80's)

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's All About ME!

The other morning I was JRA when I came across these:

and these:

At first I was all like "what's with Douchey McDouche making big trenches in the snow that freeze and interfere with ME taking the MY lines!"
Then I was all like, "Dude, chill out, it's just snow it'll thaw and everything will be good as new".

Then I came to a bare spot.

That was a fresh cut trail. A little fragile to begin with.

Must have been pretty soft when Mr. New Year's Resolution decided he was going to drag his fat hungover ass out on the trails no matter what.
Like a bug trapped in amber, we will be enjoying his handy work for quite some time.
Should be fun when those frozen ruts are covered with a few inches of powder.

If he waited until things were below freezing his tracks would have looked like this:
Fortunately Mr. First Tracks only rode the outer high traffic loop, so I only have to have a hissy fit for about 1/3 of my time in the Res.

The way I look at it there is a reason for road bikes (see above).
Don't have a road bike, ride your mtb on the road.
Think that is too boring? Maybe some indoor sports with your special friend.
Don't have a special friend? There's always Rosie Palm and her sisters.

Monday, January 3, 2011

From the land of hockey

and pancakes, where it's okay to have trout for breakfast

Things are so large in the Great White North, the only thing massive enough to fit my very own OBR Jeebus sticker on was the Sunday Princess' down-tube.
I like the overtly preppyness of the pink and green contrast.
Now I have to sneak the other one on Mrs. CB2 car before she goes to church.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strava: Crack for metrics junkies

About a month ago a certain somebody suggested I try Strava.
It loaded faster than Garminconnect, and it was around my birthday, so I ponied up the dough for a 1 year subscription.
It tells you all the basic metrics you download from your GPS; time, distance, elevation gain, HR, and power if you've got it. If you don't it gives you an estimate based on weight, speed, and incline.
Like everything else these days you can easily link your activities to Facebook.
But here's were they suck you in.
If your route happens to hit an incline that registers within their parameters as a classified climb, or if someone has marked a climb it will rank you. Gives you virtual trophies, medals and the likes.
Seems me and this fellow Cosmo's paths have crossed on a number of occasions. I'm 2 for 3 against him. He has me on Old Mountain Rd, but I have him on Buena Vista, and East Hartland Rd (they have it listed as East Hartford Rd).
Oddly enough the longest of the 3 climbs our times are closest on; within a few seconds. But the two shorter ones we have separated ourselves by more. He absolutely destroyed me on Old Mountain!
I don't know him from Adam, but he is now my constant nemesis.
My one goal in life right now is to beat his time.
New Year's resolutions?
Old Mountain Rd.
My white whale.