Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

No one needs a sink that bad for me to go in with 20"+ of snow falling, so whilst it was precipitating I head down to the basement for a little project...
Now riding in the snow is fun and all, but even with a fatbike, you ain't going nowhere with that much snow.
Think, think, what to do, what to do?
With this much snow, I'd have to pay money to go XC skiing; something I am diametrically apposed to doing (conversely, Mrs. CB2 will not ski if she can't spend money).
I don't have snow shoes, and I'm not planning on buying any soon (do you see a theme of frugality forming; Mrs. CB2 has a different term for it).
Riding on the roads might be my only option to keep my girlish figure.
The roads are going to be pretty shitty for a while...there is only one solution...
The Death Alley Driver!!!

Studded tires, disc brakes, fenders, gears (singlespeeds and fixed gears are so 2009), and the pièce de résistance, the Metro Bars that MMCG was so kind enough to let me borrow when I broke my thumb.
I had planned on racing cross on Mary Jane, but the fork was making a horrible creaking sound. I figured it would be okay for the road, due to lack of impact, but on closer inspection the crown race was pretty loose, I had another that was much tighter, you know how they are supposed to be, so hopefully that solved the problem.
I wanted to go with full coverage fenders front and rear, but there were interference issues with the rear brake, fender fiddling rates high on the pain in the ass-o-meter.
Can't wait to give her a proper ride.
Now I'll leave you with some 80's classics that somehow connect to this post.

(I gave you the extendy version 'cause I know how you love the 80's)

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MMcG said...

I thought those bars looked familiar!