Monday, June 30, 2014

Like Ghandi or Dr Frank N Furter?

Just over a year.  That's how long I made it without being hit by a car.  Friday night that all too short streak ended one block West on the same stretch of Boulevard.  

The similarities are remarkable.  Other than being only one block apart, in both cases it was a Friday night, and the driver rolled a stop sign.  

She rolled the stop sign at Riggs and Boulevard hitting the front end of my bike squarely sending me over her hood.

One difference is I didn't let the adrenaline get the best of me (I did yell at her just a little as she tried to back up dragging my bike hooked under her bumper).  Before I even had a chance to call the police multiple witnesses had already dialed 911.

Police, paramendics and EMTs seemed to arrive instantaneouslyThe endorphins masked the pain of the road rash on my knees, shoulder and swelling of my elbow, but I took the advice of the professionals and sat down.  

Initially I felt okay to go home but began feeling dizzy and my vision blurred a bit so I took a ride in the bus with the gumdrops on top.

After 4 hours, an x-ray and a CT Scan, I was deemed in one piece and sent home (the walk out of the ER revealed more minor injuries that weren't apparent lying on a gurney).

My bike wasn't as lucky.  At least my Mavic Ksyrium SL front wheel is destroy and my confidence in the rest of front end is compromised.


Saturday I rode to work.

"I can't believe you not only went to work but rode a bike there"  was my daughter's commentary.

I tried to explain how if I didn't ride "they" win ("they"? not quite sure who "they" are). That I want a world that is safe for people to ride bicycles and find other more environmentally friendly modes of transportation than relying on cars.  "I still can't believe you wouldn't at least take the day off or drive on the day after an accident!"  was her retort.

As we watched a movie about feminism Sunday Ghandi had my back.  The documentary ended with the quote "Be the change you want to see in the World".

or as Dr. Frank N Furter would say:

"Don't dream it, be it"

(and be careful!)