Sunday, September 23, 2012


Do you race cross?

I hear that a lot.


Why not you ask?

  1. Well, I tried it in 2010 and liked it well enough, but at the end of the season I looked back at all the awesome Fall weekends that I could have gone on long mountain bike rides that I spent suffering for 45 minutes at a time and regretted it.
  2. Sort of related to #1, all the travel to get to short races that I only kinda like.
  3. Expense on something I only kinda like
  4. I suck at it.  I'm okay at the suffering part, but I just don't have the power for cross.  Maybe if there was a cross race with a few thousand feet of elevation gain I wouldn't suck so bad.

There isn't any anti CX referendum in my little book rules; if there isn't anything better to do and it's not too far I might consider it...

but I'd much rather do this:

*Or rather usually not.


rick is! said...

my thoughts exactly. I kinda liked it when I dabbled a bit in cx but it just isn't worth it to me to invest that kind of time and money.

Hill Junkie said...

1. Do local CX race on Saturday and long MTB ride on Sunday. I did that this weekend.
2. Do Ironcross in PA in two weeks. It is not short (100km) and it is not flat (~7000ft vert).

CB2 said...

I work Saturdays and the Q has soccer Sunday afternoons.

S said...

Great post at a perfect time for me.. How bout driving 2 hours each way to race for 60 mins... I've had it with cx. Good to see someone else feels the same..

Dan said...

Exactly, especially now that summer ended and it's not hot as hell anymore. It's the perfect time to ride

Mookie said...

You hit the nail on the head with #1. Fall is the best time to ride in our area and I'd much rather ride longer than 45min.