Thursday, December 15, 2011

Respect My A-Thor-A-Tay!

I passed the tests (that includes a criminal background check; they never saw the moustache), and USAC cashed the check so I'm an "official" USAC certified coach.
Now if you listen to me babble about the superiorities of  Snickers over a Milky Way I can charge you.


Habanero said...

OK that is awesome!! Are you going to be actively looking for clients, or was this just you fulfilling a quest? Either way - wicked cool!

eastwood said...


CB2 said...

I guess both.
Right now I'm coaching a friend who is a pro mtb'er. He is my guinea pig.


CB2 said...

oh, and thanks!

Alby King said...

It's going to be very weird riding next to you now.

fabian said...

Congrats Coach Charlie!