Monday, December 19, 2011

Congratulations James!!!!

"James Harmon,  you just won the New England Regional Cyclocross Championships Singlespeed class what are you going to do now, go to Disneyland?"

"No, I'm going to crush you and Neal on a TdT!"

James is my first "client" as a coach.
More of a guinea pig if you will.
Right now we are really looking forward to 2012 and James' mountain bike ambitions.  But all that is sort of on hold as he finishes up his cross season.  A cross season that has seen him get stronger and stronger each week.
We're aiming to keep that momentum rolling another 4 weeks through Worlds (then I'm going to hide his bikes for a little while).


fabian said...

WTG!!! Congats!

Isabella said...
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Fort James said...

I thought it might have been me!