Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Training Loop

I was out riding my "training loop" at the Res. today. It has evolved over close to 2 decades from an 8 mile loop to the 16 miles it is today.
The Res. works great for me as I can ride there from home or it's right on the way home from work (when I drive). It gets beat down by all the traffic, but you can't beat it's convenience.
At first I just followed the flow of traffic and rode the standard loop everyone rides. The more I rode, the more I'd find lessor known trails.
As I craved more mileage I would piece sections together to increase my ride's length.
Then I started riding it backwards. Turns out there is more climbing this way.
Charlie likey climbing.
Another bonus of riding trails backwards is you don't get stuck behind someone riding at a different pace than you.
For about a year and a half I would do an out and back starting backwards and turning around before I descended off the ridge. If I timed it right I would miss a lot of the after work crowd on the "and back" part of the ride. But some times traffic was a hassle.
This year when I get to the turn around spot, I started descending on a fireroad to work on leg speed and loosey goosey descents; things guys on geared FS bikes tend to blow me away at.
But this leave me a little short on time and mileage, so I head back up and hit a couple more climbs and some fun techy stuff.
But anyways, let's cut to the chase. As I was (just) riding along, I looked down at my computer and realized I was on a record pace. Then I realized I wasn't working very hard. Then I realized how awesome the conditions were. I was going so much faster because the trails were in the best shape they've been in all year.
I've felt a little guilty about not riding to work this week, but I'm over it now. I say
Get out and ride some trails now! The conditions will not be any better!


Mark said...

So, how much TM have you done at the Rez lately? Not trying to bust balls or cause embarrassment, but I see a lot of people riding these days but there appears to be very little TM going on. At some point we are going to have a problem.

I am not trying to egg you back into any sort of organization but don't you think it's time to start giving back to the trails?

CB2 said...

Every ride I clear deadfall and litter. I volunteered to put in a 1/2 day on my vacation to do more constructive trail repair but was not taken up on the offer.
If a trail maintenance day was organized by CTNemba with adequate notice (ie more than a couple of days), I would gladly join in.
Frankly I don't feel I have the trail building knowledge or authority to just go out and start digging up MDC property.

Anonymous said...

I rode there a week ago and picked up a bunch of branches that had fallen also. There was some bigger stuff that needed to be chainsawed IMO. Would the MDC object to that type of thing?

I may ride there today. Without the chainsaw.