Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Short Term Product Review: Ergon GP-1 grips

I put Ergon GP-1 grips on my bike on Friday night. Rode with them on Saturday, raced with them on Sunday.

I think I like them.

They spread the load and force of impacts over a wider swatch of your palms and are quite comfortable. The ergonomic shape also affords you a better grip on the bars without having to use the Vulcan death grip, and offers you a greater degree of control as well.

I might need girl sized ones though, at least on the left side. Maybe my left side is my feminine side which explains how I spent my idle time as an adolescent...maybe that's too much information...After the race my hands felt great, and there was less numbness in my left hand during the race than with traditional grips (I have a nagging thumb injury that for the life of me I don't know how I got. feels like I jammed my thumb).

So if any Ergon execs are reading this and are looking to sponsor a middle aged guy racing in a small regional series, I think I want the smaller size. In pink.

Speaking of too much information, for those of you keeping score my post-race production is moving along quite nicely, and is ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow I'll have pictures of shiny things!


Mark said...

I raced with my Ergons on the Qball and they were awesome. I have the ones with the mini bar-ends. They took a little getting used to but once you do, they rock. Just transfered the set I had on my family rig to my full susser and I can't believe the difference!

Coming to Fall Fiesta this Saturday?

Rigidnsingle said...

Love them on a geared bike or on the single on the road. In the woods on the single not so good, I had trouble getting enough grip on steep climbs. Then again, I pull on the bars so much i've been known to wear out headset bearings...

CB2 said...

Last race of the season is Sunday, so Saturday I'm laying low w/ the family

The monster gears you push, I'm not surprised you don't sheer stems off steerers!