Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Math

Right now I'm 2 points out of first place in the Rt 66 series Cat1 40-49 class. There is a slim mathematical possibility of me winning the series title. I need to finish 5th or better and the series leader, Jonny Bold, has to score no points.
As it stands with the best of 9 point counting system, all I can do is replace one of my lower placings with a higher one, while what ever points Jonny gets will add to his total.
So he needs to not show up or DNF.
Jonny, you've been having a lot of mechanical troubles the last 3 races so I suggest you avoid the frustration and anxiety and find something closer to home to do this Sunday. Here's a link to activities in Falmouth, and one to the calender section of the Cape Cod Times. On a quick perusal, I saw the Porter Thermometer Museum was open, and there was a Dorthy Hamill skating camp on Nantucket. Either sound like better ways to spend your Sunday than riding on some God forsaken hill in Vermont.
Just a thought.

See ya Sunday.

1 comment:

James said...

Now he's going to show up for sure.
Maybe you could have thrown him off track by saying you had some family thing to do and wouldn't mind getting second place. And don't pre reg but show up that morning. That way you can invite your family to the race so they can take pictures of you on the podium.
Good luck!
Being only a few points behind JB is amazing. And you did it on a single speed! Nice job!