Friday, June 29, 2012

Fork Me? Fork YOU!

When I got Mary Jane back from James I put the Waltworks fork back on her.  The idea was have a rigid, and a HT.

First ride in I crashed heavily bending the fork and later finding I had cracked the frame.  Before I found the cracks, I had realigned the dropouts and everything was hunky dory...or so I thought.

I went to put the Waltworks back on Blü.2 and found I couldn't get the brakes aligned.  I put the Singular 470mm fork back on and with one pull of the lever everything was spinning freely.

A rigid's a rigid's so end of story?  Not exactly.

The Singular 485mm fork is one of the best riding rigid forks I've ever had the pleasure to use.  When I had the Waltworks made it was the standard I was shooting for.  I was looking for lateral stiffness and fore-aft compliance (it really isn't vertical compliance as the steel is not compressing).

Walt succeeded and the fork was everything I was hoping for.

The Singular 470mm fork is a good fork.  It actually seems laterally stiffer than the 485mm, but also is a little less flexible in the fore-aft department.  There is a minute connoisseur of rigid forks difference.

Blü.2 is designed around the shorter fork.  I wouldn't want to raise the front end 15mm so the 485mm is out (at least in my Racer Boi mind).

Not running the Waltworks on my main race bike is unacceptable.  The Stroker Trails on MJ must be more accommodating than the Stroker Grams on Blü.2.  With a large adjustable wrench I started the initial re-alignment.  Then I put a wheel in the dropouts to keep them aligned as I fine tuned with  chainring straighteners.

All is right with the world again.

Here's some pictures.

The 485mm Singular

the 470mm Singular (can you see the difference?)

Das Waltworks


Muffintop said...

Are those 27 inch wheels?

CB2 said...
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CB2 said...

700c wheels with 2.1" tires.

fabian said...

I see the difference but the question is, will Mary Jane ride again?