Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've been loving the Nass as of late.

One thing that strike me about it is it's diversity.
Pine needles is one aspect of that.

The tight sliver between the pines is carpeted with needles.  Gives the ride a little cushin' for the pushin'.
If you weight your front end going into a corner and apply POWER you can effectively kick the rear around.
If you only have small power a tap on the rear brake will do the steering.

Kind of like riding when it's wet, but with traction.

Today was rather warm.  While you urban suckas were sweltering in 90+ *F the Nass was in the Mid 80s.  But rubbing the Nass in your face wasn't the point.  The point was the heat and needles made NW CT feel much like coastal New England.

We'll continue to celebrate diversity more in the coming weeks.

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Hill Junkie said...

0.6 miles from my office front door, I have a trail like that. Can't say I like that feeling of tires fading around pine-needle corners. Such a roadie, I guess.