Friday, June 22, 2012


I really wanted to ride to work today, but I'd been putting off replacing my truck's rotor / bearing for too long, and I've got some extended driving to do.

Ford got the bright idea they should start pressing their bearings into their brake rotors, and I guess since when ever you get your brakes done they tell you you need to replace your rotors (you don't), maybe it is pretty smart.

On a side note if the local small guy does your brakes, says he replaced your rotors and then you have a wheel bearing go within a month he has screwed you.

Anyways it cost me $125 for the rotor and special lock nut.

Which got me thinking; that's a lot of metal.
Precision machined metal with a bearing pressed into it and a big ass gear cut into the back of it for the ABS.

A Shimano XT rotor is over $50.
Lot less metal and machining there (way more than 50%).

Never ceases to amaze me the economy of scale.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! An actual race with a $20 entry fee?