Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Let's face it, even if you are winning, this sport is a fiscal black hole.  Entry fees, gas money, race and road food, parts and repair (racing is way harder on your bike than just riding), plus the time commitment of getting to and from the races leave you operating in the red.

Here is a highlights video Thom made of the West Hill / Grafton Pond race.  It sums up pretty well why we do this sport.  The fun and camaraderie, riding new trails (this was the first race at this venue and it was AWESOME!!!), making new friends, and hanging with old ones make it all worth it.

There is a scene where two woman are racing.  Through the overdub the camera mics pick up their conversation  "You're doing great!".

That sums up the sense of family and camaraderie I get from mtb racing.

Watch more video of 1st Ever West Hill Shop/Grafton Ponds Mountain Bike Race, Root 66 Series on thom.cyclingdirt.org


Muffintop said...

Looked like a great day - almost makes me want to get on my MTB!

CB2 said...

Do it MX!