Monday, June 4, 2012

Domnarski Farm 2012

Well, I can't say I wasn't warned.

I was trying a couple of things different this year at Domnarski Farm.  I went with a spinny-er gear than I usually run, and I had a suspension fork.

9/10ths of a mile in I was questioning the latter.
With a suspension fork, I get a little carried away, over cook turns and, well I guess slam my rear wheel into rocks that my front was saved from by said suspension fork.

After working my way up to 2nd place behind a hard charging Josh Wilcox, I found myself on the side of the trail watching the rest of the singlespeed class, and then the 50+ class go by as I went about making the repair.

Just down the hill from me Mike Rowell was busy fixing his first flat.

I had brought two Co2s and a pump.  Hit the tire with the first cartridge hoping the Stan's would do it's job; no workie.

Put in the tube and fill it with the other Co2.  Feels pretty hard to me and I'm off.  Thank you to Aleksandra Mooradian for holding my bike while I replaced the wheel ( she had already double flatted).

I'm starting to bring back the 50+ group and by the power line climb I'm starting to catch singlespeeders.  I'm really digging the spinny gear in the singletrack, but not so much on the fireroads.

On my way down I pass Mike fixing another flat.

Get through the start /finish and head up the first climb, tire feels a little soft, but it's held this far.  Maybe it's my imagination,  and there's really not much I can do about at this point.

I make it to the top of the climb, start descending, and there it is; the soft tire squirm.  I get off and easily push my palm to the rim.

The plug is pulled.
I'm done.

I limp down, making it about a half mile from the finish before it's completely flat and I have to walk.

Fabian on the other hand  podiumed.
When in Mass...


Alby King said...

Pshaw. Who needs good advice??

Alby King said...
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Muffintop said...

I have never ever had a flat tyre. Ever. You must be having all of mine.


Hill Junkie said...

There were no flat tires in my race yesterday!

CB2 said...

You never ever should use the "F" word in vain Muffintop. Bad things happen...

rick is! said...

boston creme's at least. that's a good way to end the day.