Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guess I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue...

Sure everything is fine when I'm doing stupid hill repeats

but when it's time to go and have some fun, I slide spectacularly on a root creating a debris field of epic proportions.

After I wandered around zombie like and Neal picked up all my scattered pieces the idea of riding comes back to the fore.

But wheel no turny?

Try and adjust the brakes; still no workie.

As I wobble out of the woods I notice a great oscillation in my front wheel.

Aha!  That must be the problem.

Get home and put my other wheel in the fork.

Nope, still not turning.

Good thing I have the expensive tool drawer.


fabian said...

Cool tool!

rick is! said...

will that straighten the fork? very cool.

CB2 said...

Park FFG-2 for aligning dropouts (front or rear). Works on steel and some aluminum (but only try it once with Al).
The rotor was hitting the caliper mount after the crash, but the FFG-2 straightened it out.