Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In my quest to climb every foot of elevation gain at the Res without getting all redundant, I came across this litter on the gas line.
People littering on MY trails!? That really gets my goat!
But on closer inspection there is still "performance" food within the confines of the cellophane.
Did the previous owner of this engineered goop decide they didn't care for strawberry flavored poop, or more likely, after they fueled up on their epic Res loop, preventing the inevitable bonk from their triumphant efforts, missed their pocket and had to soldier on the remaining 4 downhill miles without supplemental sustenance?
For all I know, they were on a TdT and were in a caloric deficit. But for some reason I kind of doubt it.
Do you really need a snack for a loop at the Res?
If so, next time have it before you're so shaky you can't find your pocket.

Boy, some people can be so grumpy.

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Mark said...

Looks like droppage