Sunday, December 26, 2010

Charlie's Last Stand & the Voices in My Head

You might have heard we're getting snow in New England.
My original plan was to ride with TJ and Alex in Penwood but the uncertainty of the impending white doom and driving out to E. Granby would keep me away from my holiday Butterfingers too long had me looking for a Plan B.
Plan B would have been riding with the Sunday morning group at the Res...except the bed and then the coffee were too hard to part with.
So I was left to my own devices. Which I guess is good, since I wanted more than the 10 mile loop they typically ride. Even with the 5 mile round trip to the res, I wanted more.
I wanted everything I could possibly squeeze out of the MDC, because who knows when it will be rideable again
And so it begins...
I was riding well. I cleaned everything on the way to the ridge including riding up the "new way down" (50.4" gear).
So of course Echo and the Bunnymen entered my mind.

The intro of "Do It Clean" is similar to bridge to the chorus in the B52's "Own Private Idaho"; a song that often comes to mind riding in the Winter when I have the trails all to myself.

Then I completely boned a lunge up on to a ledge thinking about music:

How did this not become a huge pop hit?

Looking at the ominous skies and being on a Hüsker Dü kick naturally brought me here:

I guess the voices in my head are living in the past.

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MMcG said...

You have good voices in your head at least!