Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goldilocks or Princess and the Pea

I know this is terribly interesting stuff...

Swapped to my "Winter tires" today.
Ardent 2.4 up front and a Nevegal 2.2 in the back.
The Nevegal aired up fine, but was having a hard time holding air. Consequently, I began the ride with some extra pressure, just in case. Even when over inflated, the Nevegal kicks a Crossmarks tushy in these early Winter conditions (dusting of snow, hoar frost, frozen crunchy leaves). I was able to motor up some techie climbs I wasn't able to make even with gears earlier in the week. When I was finally confident it was sealed and dropped the pressure it was awesome(r).

The Ardent on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. Too much air and it's like a rubber mallet, not enough and it's a squishy squirmy blob. Honing in on "just right" has been arduous journey.
I think I prefer it on the mallet side.
Might have to start riding with a tire gauge.

Here's a link to my ride so A-Game can figure out what time I left work.


Mookie said...

I'm guessing you pulled out of Marble Design parking lot at 3pm?

the original big ring said...

rubber has been exchanged for xc skis up here

* you want a decal or what?!?