Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There are a lot of numbers you can keep track of whilst cycling; mileage, elevation gain, avg speed, max speed, hours, time in zone, heart rate, max hr. Probably a lot more that I can't think of too.

I try not to be too obsessed with numbers.
But it is hard not to be drawn into with all this data available.

Back when GW declared 'Mericans should exercise an hour a day I took it as a decree to ride 365 hours that year.

I made it by about an hour.

The next year I wanted to up that by 10%, which I did (just barely), and have since leveled off between 430 and 450 hours a year.

This year; mission accomplished.

this pesky detail

With 4 days left in the year I'm within 40 miles of 5000 miles for the year.
Because I switch between mtb and road, hours are much more pertinent to my training than mileage, but to be so close to a nice round number like that, a gauntlet has been thrown down...as well as 10" of snow.

If I had to achieve a certain amount of hours, I could just hop on the rollers and spin away, but indoor "miles" just don't count. To me miles are actual miles covered by bicycle, not just the equivalent number of revolutions.

Today I'm going to bond with Mrs. CB2 and go XC skiing at a real XC ski area (if I ski solo, I just ski the trails I ride), so that leave me with 3 day to cover 40 miles. Usually this wouldn't be much of a challenge, but we'll see how well the DPW has done with the roads.

Now if I never kept a log, I could just ski all week.


Hill Junkie said...

I'm with you on the phony indoor "miles" thing. Only miles on terra firma count. I've been lucking out here in Michigan, another great 21 mile singletrack ride ride on hard packed snow this morning. It hasn't snowed in a week here, so mountain bikers have packed thier favorite trails down to a buff ribbon. I would have hated to be the first few to break new tracks.

TJ said...

Is there someone who actually counts trainer miles out there?

Nice job this year, hope you break the 5k mark.

Manicmtbr said...

You could Ski 40 miles! I think that counts.

Mark said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of miles! Very nice and good for you!

I track my distance religiously but I got no where near that amount. Guess, I have to just ride more.