Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mrs. CB2 and I had a good time skiing yesterday. I thought I'd be clever and use an "app" to track our tracks, but when I checked it at an hour in it had been only functioning as a stopwatch. Miraculously it decided it should start recording our last little bit back to the lodge.


Mookie said...

Wow, Mrs. CB2 with no gloves.

You need to htfu.

CB2 said...

Mrs CB2 had just took her gloves off to take a picture of me. She was wearing long-johns a down parka and snow pants and was sweating profusely. I on the other hand was wearing cycling togs and was just right.

Mookie said...

Yeah, the snowshoe with Brian I was completely overdressed. The 2 layers under my jacket were sopping wet.