Monday, November 1, 2010


TJ and I went for a real humdinger of a ride on Saturday. Headed South through Tariffville to Pennwood and then North to Roncari. Ironically spellcheck says humdinger is a real word whereas spellcheck is not.
I was feeling pretty guilty as we hit Pennwood because I had skipped trail maintenance to race my bike the previous Saturday. When I got to the area they had worked on I didn't feels so guilty. They cut out some awesome fast and swoopy ledge cut trail, and a challenging switch back. Their reasoning probably was the switchback was erroded (although it really hasn't changed in the 17 years I've ridden Penwood). I'm sure they had some reason.
I wasn't there, and I'm not a member of NEMBA, so I really don't get a say in the matter. Like if you don't vote then STFU!
The reason I stopped joining NEMBA was I wasn't happy with the trailwork project I did volunteer for, and the infrequency of work in my area. Well they were in my area, and maybe if I was a member I could have had some say in the "improvement" they made.
So vote.

Okay...let me have it Mark.

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